Carl Hooker


Carl Hooker has held a variety of positions in his 15 years in education.  He has been everything from a 1st grade teacher to a Virtualization Coordinator.  He is currently the Director for Instructional Technology in the Eanes Independent School district and President of TECSIG, the largest TCEA special interest group.  As Director, he has helped spearhead the Westlake Initiative for Innovation (WIFI) program which put 1600 iPads into the hands of high school students.  Eanes has now expanded its one-to-one program to all high school students, all 8th graders, and 2 grade levels at each elementary school.

He is also the founder of “iPadpalooza” - a cultural event showcasing the use of iPads in education. This past June over 500 people attended the inaugural iPadpalooza with representatives from over 71 districts and 5 different states in attendance.  He has used his expertise in rolling out 1:1 iPads to consult and train districts in multiple states about the effective use of the device in schools.


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